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Hypnosis and Life Coaching Remotely 

Since I have recently been spending more time in my Tucson, AZ office setting up, my Napa/Sonoma Co. clients had requested I find a way to continue to work with them. I tested working remotely with them as they suggested. New clients have also found to to their surprise that working remotely was as if they were and I was face to face in my office. Audio could be heard clearly as well as visual. Hypnosis Sessions were just as before when I was practicing in mySanta Rosa Office. Not much changed as I was skeptical at first before my first remote audio/visual appointment. It was a complete success. I would not offer remote appointments to my present and new clients otherwise. I will see clients at my office in Santa Rosa, but less frequently than before.

Call 707-799-4300 to learn more about using your computer, smart phone, or other devices for your remote session, and to schedule a remote appointment.